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Parents should be demanding, but not too demanding, study says

The TES is reporting new research that suggests overly demanding parents may be discouraging their children from achieving at school. The attitude of a family towards academic achievement affects how well children perform in school even more strongly than how wealthy they are, the researchers conclude. Parental attitude was found to predict children’s academic achievement.

Explainer: what is a ‘coasting’ school?

After all the publicity directed at Nicky Morgan’s recent comments, Professor Michael Joplin of Northumbria University asks what a coasting school actually is and what might make them coast.

School bans smart watches to prevent pupils using them to cheat in exams

The Mirror is reporting that a school has banned smart watches from exam halls so that students cannot use them to cheat. The move by Billericay School in Essex is thought to be the first of its kind in the UK. A letter sent to parents warned anyone caught with a smart watch during a test will be disqualified.

Parents’ fury after school publishes ranking of pupils by performance in reception for all to see

The Mail is reporting that parents have hit out at their children’s school after what they call a ‘bullies’ charter’ league table which ranks pupils by performance was hung up in the reception area for all to see. Pupils at Nova Hreod Academy in Swindon, Wiltshire, are ranked by their grades, whether they are wearing the correct uniform and whether they have had to re-take important exams in the chart which has been placed in the school’s atrium.

Teachers told to reassure students as language exams get tougher

The TES is reporting that teachers are being warned this summer’s A-level language exams will be more difficult than previous years’ papers, but the changes will not adversely affect students’ grades. A letter sent to schools by a group of headteachers’ organisations and language associations this week warns that students and teachers, “could become anxious that grades in modern languages generally will be lower” because of the more difficult tests.

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