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Key Stage 4

Without question Key Stage 4 is the most critical period in our pupils education. Below is a list of Key Stage 4 areas that we offer tuition in. These are based on the National Curriculum and are included in their appropriate criteria. En1 and Ma1 are not included, as they represent any coursework that has been done in that subject.

English Modules

  • Comprehension – Using advanced skills for comparing, summarising and quoting from a text. Identifying thematic patterns and textual imagery within fiction and non-fiction. Mastering close-reading in a variety of different textual forms i.e. media articles, travel writing and other cultures and traditions. Showing an understanding of the given text by presenting relevant quotes and commenting on their values within the text
  • English Literature – A selection of poetry, drama and fiction (Syllabus varies)
  • Media Texts – Identifying different textual approaches of articles and how this affects/ manipulates the reader.
  • Composition – Different types of essay planning
  • Audience and Structure – learning to modify language to fit a certain target audience. Structuring information to the purpose of the text i.e. informative, persuading, describing, narrating or analysing.
  • Standard English – Grammar, tense (Past, Present, Continuous), punctuation, paragraphs, nouns and pronouns, apostrophes, adjectives, colons and semi-colons, etc

Maths Modules

  • Multiples/ Factors/ Prime Numbers/ Square, Cube and Root Numbers
  • Standard Index Form (Calculator and Non-Calculator)
  • Rational and Irrational Numbers
  • Speed and Density
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Decimals, Fractions and Percentages (Percentage change/ Quantity)
  • Recurring Decimals
  • Calculator and Non-Calculator Method of Solving Fractions
  • Approximation and Estimation (Rounding)
  • Algebra (Expressing, Simplifying, Factorising, Multiplying and Dividing Expressions)
  • Solving Equations (Quadratic, Simultaneous)
  • Formulae (Writing, Substituting and Rearranging Expressions)
  • Number Sequences
  • Graphs (Line Graphs/Linear Equations, Distance-Time Graphs, Speed-Time Graphs)
Shape, Space and Measure
  • Angles and 2D Shapes
  • Triangles, Quadrilaterals and Polygons
  • Tessellations
  • Symmetry (Rotational)
  • Circles and their Properties
  • Area, Perimeter and Circumference
  • Maps and Bearings
  • Scale Drawings
  • Locus
  • Reflection and Rotation
  • Translation and Enlargement
  • Pythagoras’ Theorem and Trigonometry (Sine, Cosine and Tangent)
  • Linear and Non-Linear Functions
  • Volume/ Mass/ Capacity
Handling Data
  • Primary and Secondary Data
  • Questionnaires and Databases
  • Two-way tables
  • Average and Range (using diagrams)
  • Bar and Pie Charts
  • Stem and Leaf Diagrams
  • Scatter Graphs
  • Correlation and Line of Best Fit
  • Cumulative Frequency Tables and Graphs
  • Calculating Probability

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