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Free-school expansion plans launched

The BBC is reporting that the flagship Conservative election pledge to open a further 500 free schools in England is being put into practice, with applications invited for new schools.

The government wants to create 270,000 extra places in free schools over the next five years.

Students to learn about cyber-security and programming in new GCSE

The Telegraph is reporting that students are to learn about cyber-security and how to create the next Facebook or Snapchat in a new GCSE. Teenagers will be taught about the methods fraudsters use to access information illegally online and they will also learn about online viruses and firewalls.

Headteacher accuses protesting parents of making schools ‘laughing stock’

The Harlow Star is reporting that parents protesting plans to lengthen the day and alter holidays at two Harlow primaries have been accused of making the schools into a “laughing stock”. The proposed reforms could also see the introduction of a new blue blazer for pupils at St Luke’s Catholic Academy in Pyenest Road, and St Alban’s Catholic Academy in First Avenue.

Home tutors now ‘lifestyle accessories’ for London parents, claims education consultant

The Evening Standard is reporting that the head of an education consultancy has claimed London parents are employing tutors as “lifestyle accessories” even if their children are not struggling at school. Ian Hunt, managing director of Gabbitas Education, warned that tutors are becoming “intellectual crutches” for some children, who then struggle without them.

Parents should be demanding, but not too demanding, study says

The TES is reporting new research that suggests overly demanding parents may be discouraging their children from achieving at school. The attitude of a family towards academic achievement affects how well children perform in school even more strongly than how wealthy they are, the researchers conclude. Parental attitude was found to predict children’s academic achievement.

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