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Most students will have spent the summer trying to forget about their exams but the day has now arrived!  All the hard work has been assessed and graded and on Thursday, 20th August 2015 you will get the results!


I dearly hope that you achieve all you wished you would in your exams but remember, all is not lost if you don’t!


If you get your desired results…


Congratulations! You worked hard and the results came through. You deserve to celebrate; phone your family and friends and let them know the good news. 

You've got every choice available to you, so choose wisely. The most obvious way forward is to take AS and A levels.  If you are comfortable with studying, go ahead. You may be able to switch school for college. You might prefer to stay on at school into the Sixth Form, if that's what your school offers. 

If the studying - while successful - was a nightmare for you, AS/A-levels may not suit you.


Perhaps you know what you want to do in the future. A more vocational route might be better.  There are more and more opportunities becoming available and this is an area the new Conservative government are looking to fund.  There are many courses available that allow you to work and attend college in tandem.


Don’t rush into your decision and be sure to seek advice and guidance from those who are close to you.



If you don’t get all your desired/expected results…


Firstly DON’T panic!  


In the first instance, speak to a teacher or the exam officer. They can request a copy of your marked paper, to see if an enquiry about results (EAR) is appropriate. 

Have a look at your UMS score and check it against AQA's UMS Grade Boundaries.  If any of your scores seem strangely low, or if you have missed a higher grade by only a few points, you could ask the exam officer to obtain a review of marking or moderation or to request a remark.  Try to do this soon after you receive your results, as there are deadlines involved, and fees for remarking.

If all else fails, you can request a resit, but think hard before you decide to do this.


If you did well in other subjects, weren't really interested in the subject you did less well in, or if it wasn't a core subject like Maths, English, or Science, then maybe there's no need for you to worry about it.


If you didn’t do well in any of your exams…


Again…do not panic!  It may feel like the end of the world but it is not!


It's horrible to think that you've just sat through two years only to be presented with a series of U's or F's, but you have choices too; you're not necessarily excluded from any part of your future. 



Yes, getting your GCSEs will have made your decision making easier at this stage but there are still options for you.  

Studying doesn't suit everyone. If you are more practically minded or have an aptitude for something you haven't yet officially studied, take a look at the routes you need to get to where you want to be.  Some of the most successful and wealthiest people did not do particularly well in their exams!


You may find a vocational course at college, something which combines working and learning, or even the world of work alone may hold what you want for your future. 

You now need to think about what it is you want to do.  Seek guidance and support from people close to you and also speak with your school and local colleges.


There are plenty of options available to you, you need to take your time to decide what will suit you best.



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